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Blue Chip K9 was founded by Dewayne Manson, a devoted husband, father, and military veteran committed to and devoted nearly 15 years to honorable service. Following the conclusion of his service, Dewayne embraced his passion for dog training and enrolled into Starmark School for Professional Dog Trainers.

Dewayne’s exceptional journey encompasses multiple year-long combat deployments to both Iraq and Afghanistan, 18 months of riot control in Kosovo, and collaborative efforts with the U.S. Border Patrol and other Department of Homeland Security Agents for two years along the southern Texas border. Additionally, he invested over half a decade living and working in Afghanistan as a Department of Defense contractor. This journey stands as a resounding testament to his unswerving commitment and devotion.

When Dewayne founded Blue Chip K9 his vision was to infuse every facet of our work with a profound understanding of discipline, teamwork, and the significance of unwavering dedication.

Our approach is built upon a harmonious blend of core values that embody military precision and a genuine love for dogs, forming the bedrock of Blue Chip K9’s philosophy. 

We know that forging a strong bond with your dog requires time, commitment, and shared dedication. As fellow travelers on your quest for a harmonious relationship with your furry friend, we stand by those who cherish quality and recognize that authentic results demand patience and effort.

If you’re prepared to start a journey of shared development, commitment, and change alongside your dog, you’ve found yourself in the perfect spot. Welcome to Blue Chip K9, where real results are achieved through partnership, commitment, and a shared passion for your dog’s success.

“Cannot go wrong with Blue Chip K9!!!”

We absolutely consider ourselves family with the ownership of Blue Chip K9. Our relationship has expanded far beyond the initial training of Prince. From our first interview, we knew he was the trainer for our new family member. Our consultation was very thorough in explaining our dogs actions and what his training expertise would do to correct his deficiencies. What we received was a “new” and obedient family member. The personal touch that Dewayne and staff provides is excellent follow-on training that includes home training at our home.  You cannot go wrong with Blue Chip K9!!!

Rodney N

Mansfield, TX

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