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Basic to Advanced Obedience Training

Picture this: a world where you and your dog share an unbreakable bond, where communication flows effortlessly, and understanding each other is second nature. That’s the magic of obedience training! Whether your pup is your sidekick, your snuggle buddy, or your partner in paw-some adventures, mastering obedience is the key to unlocking the full potential of your partnership.

Puppy Lesson Program

Our Puppy Program is designed for dogs 16 weeks or younger. This program will consist of 4 lessons over the course of 4 weeks. Aimed to get your dog off to the best possible start.  

Private Lesson Programs

Our basic and advanced private lesson programs will consist of multiple lessons, and we will cover commands on leash for basic, or both on and off leash for advanced.

Board & Train Programs

Your dog is in capable hands and treated like family. From basic manners to advanced obedience, we’re dedicated to unlocking their full potential and strengthening your bond.

Personalized Training Solutions

Our personalized training solutions is a program where we uniquely tailor and offer a personalized solution for clients seeking a middle ground between our standard private lesson offerings. With a minimum requirement of two lessons, this program is ideal for individuals looking to address a specific issue or refine a particular obedience behavior. 




Just like each pup has their own paw-sonality, our training techniques are tailored to match their one-of-a-kind quirks. We believe in personalized bonding because there’s no one-size-fits-all when it comes to building a paw-some relationship. Our training sets the stage for realistic expectations and leads you both towards a tail-waggingly fulfilling life on both ends of the leash!


Welcome to Blue Chip K9, where happiness and tail wags are at the heart of everything we do! Our approach is all about bringing real, joyful results for both you and your furry friend that you can carry into your everyday adventures. We understand that building a strong bond takes time, dedication, and a mutual love for success.

At Blue Chip K9, we’re more than just trainers – we’re your partners in creating a paw-some relationship with your dog.


Our ideal clients are folks with a clear vision and a zest for putting in the work to make it happen. If you’re seeking dedicated guidance and a committed trainer to help you and your pup thrive, you’re in the right place!


We’re not a match for those chasing quick fixes or bargain deals. Our philosophy resonates with those who value quality, results, and the journey of growth.

At Blue Chip K9, we believe in investing in your dog’s happiness and well-being. We know that the road to a well-behaved, balanced companion is worth every bit of effort and dedication.

If you’re ready to embark on a journey of mutual joy, growth, and transformation with your furry pal, then welcome home! At Blue Chip K9, we’re here to celebrate every tail wag and triumph along the way. Let’s make magic happen together!


23:04 06 Oct 23
Blue Chip K9 has transformed our dog Oliver. Prior to training with Blue Chip I would refer to Oliver as DD(devil dog). With Dewayne and Vanessa’s help Oliver has done a complete 180. Oliver listens to and obeys commands, walks are actually fun now, he is polite around people and other dogs. Oliver really enjoys training and overall is a much happier pup. Blue Chip has been supportive, guiding and honest during the whole process.
Meaghan TraversMeaghan Travers
02:58 05 Oct 23
Blue Chip K9 was just what we needed and was looking for! We participated in the 8 week private training course. It required a LOT of hard work and dedication but at the end was so rewarding. Dewayne is such a knowledgeable trainer and helped us so much with understanding our dog more. Dewayne is very professional and passionate about what he does! I have nothing but good things to say about Blue Chip K9!! I was so sad when training ended!! I would recommend it to anyone who is willing to put in the work and time to build a better relationship between them and their fur baby!
Beth KirschBeth Kirsch
23:01 29 Sep 23
I had the best experience at Blue Chip K9. The knowledge Dewayne has for training is amazing. He explains it in a way that makes sense and easy to follow through on. He is enthusiastic and very passionate about what he does and his greatest accomplishment is when dog owners feel empowered and feel a stronger bond with their dog through understanding how to communicate with one another. I would highly recommend Blue Chip K9 to anyone. No matter if it is a small or big issue you have, he can definitely give you the tools to have a better relationship with your dog. Boomer and I thank you again Dewayne and Vanessa for everything.
Greg BowenGreg Bowen
02:50 28 Jul 23
Dwayne at Blue Chip K9 is an amazing dog trainer. My dog Roxie was lacking in confidence and had high anxiety. With the training we received, Roxie is a new dog. I can take her on walks in the neighborhood and the park without her pulling me down the street or lunging and barking at every dog or person she saw. Now, Roxie is so pleasant. With the knowledge I gained and will continue to apply, Roxie will continue to improve and she will live the life she deserves and not be a bundle of stress. If you follow the program as prescribed and do the work, you will see positive results very quickly. Enrolling Roxie and I in this program is the best love I could give her.
Hamza AbdilahiHamza Abdilahi
17:28 19 Jul 23
When we first came into this session, I was honestly not as informed or knowledgeable. Through these sessions I can say, I have become a much more experienced person with Milo and how dogs function. Milo has become more responsive to us through these training and he doesn’t test us as much as he used to. We learned how to not give in to what he wants and all it needed was some time and practice. Thank you to all that work at Blue Chip K9 and the most thanks go to Dwayne.
Dawn BentleyDawn Bentley
00:50 06 Jul 23
When we first started with our 1yr old cane corso we never thought we'd be able to get him to do anything, much less be off leash. After 12 weeks of training and a lot of work he is a completely different dog. Dewayne and Naomi were the best in our training sessions, very patient, reassuring, and knowledgeable. We learned a lot about our dog and how to train him effectively. We can even take what we learned and apply to our other dogs. The personal training we chose at Blue Chip K9 allowed us to learn along side our dog and equipped us to be able to train and hold him accountable for his lifetime. Yes, I said lifetime. Training is not just 8-12 weeks and you're done, it's a lifetime of accountability. Let's face it, you don't teach your kids something and then you're done. It's a constant teaching and holding them accountable.I will end with this. We looked into a lot of training and most everywhere we looked was board and train. Personal training is a lot of work, believe it when they tell you that. The time the trainers at Blue Chip K9 took with us and our dog to teach us both how we can have a great dog was the best decision we could have made. We now have a dog we can control and take in public without concern of him misbehaving.
Tiffany BurkertTiffany Burkert
13:04 01 Jul 23
I did private lessons with Dwayne for my dog Earl (7yo male husky pit mix) who is very dog reactive and was also stubborn in training. Dwayne completely turned things around for us; Earls obedience is now top notch, we made solid progress on the reactivity, and now have the tools we need to keep making strides. I loved the private lessons since it taught me how to better train my dog and how to think about training. I cannot recommend Blue Chip K9 enough!
Elizabeth ClarkElizabeth Clark
19:40 27 Jun 23
So we started with Blue Chip when we were just tired of Cash, who is a hardheaded English Bulldog puppy, not listening and having zero manners. We signed him up for board and train for 5 weeks and this Mama was nervous but after meeting Dwayne and Vanessa I felt so at ease to leave our fur baby for 5 weeks. Cash came back a brand new dog who we actually love being around and his manners are on point. They would send weekly updates along with photos that made us smile every single time. We now use them for boarding when we travel which puts our hearts at ease because we know he’s in good hands.. That alone will take a load off anyone when they are traveling, because there is very small list of people we trust with Cash, but Blue Chip and staff are top notch and they love him like their own. We highly recommend them for training and all services.
Renee WoodsRenee Woods
10:23 26 Jun 23
I can’t say enough great things about Blue Chip K9, they’ve changed our lives for the better! I HIGHLY RECOMMEND them to help you and your dog have a better relationship! Before Blue Chip K9, Tucker was out of control and very hard to handle and walking him was impossible! Since his training, he’s so much better! They not only taught him but they taught us too. Thank you Blue Chip for helping us to have a better relationship with our fur baby! We’re forever grateful!
Tammi LenartzTammi Lenartz
21:59 16 May 23
I have had dogs my entire life and I've loved every one of them. But the training Sully and I received at Blue Chip took it to a whole new level. With few exceptions, Sully goes everywhere with me. Whether it's running to Lowe's for some gardening tools, Wells Fargo to bank, or downtown Fort Worth to eat breakfast with my son, Sully is well behaved and a joy to bring along. He's even traveled across country with me! The difference this training has made in our bond is amazing and I have recommended Blue Chip to my friends, co-workers, even my boss! A well behaved dog is a joy to have around, and Blue Chip never fails to deliver!

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